TRANSFORM is a campaign through which we’re hoping to be able to expand our ministry campus so that we can advance His Kingdom in even greater ways in Lonoke County and beyond.



How long is the TRANSFORM commitment?


It is a three-year commitment over and above what you might already be giving to Fellowship Cabot. You can give to TRANSFORM monthly, annually or make a one-time gift.



How much do we hope to raise through TRANSFORM?


We hope to see $1.8 million committed over three years which we will combine with the $700,000 in cash that has already been given by the other Fellowship campuses for the project.



Will we finance any part of this new expansion project?


We may end up with a small mortgage at the end of the project but we’re praying for God to surprise us all.



When will we break ground on the new building?


We would like to have $1.25 million in cash before we start to break ground. We already have $700,000 in cash right now!



What are different ways people can give to TRANSFORM?


Many will give out of monthly income over their current giving to Fellowship. Some will reduce their retirement contributions or saving toward a future need for a season and give those funds. There are tax advantages for giving appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, property or mutual funds. Valuable items such as jewelry or cars that have resale value have also been given before. For some, their pledge will represent a combination of these forms of generosity.



How do I make a commitment to TRANSFORM?


You can make your commitment online at fellowshiponline.com/transform, by using the form below, or by filling out a TRANSFORM commitment card and placing it in the offering plate or one of the TRANSFORM receptacles located in the lobby.